Performance artist, singer, song-writer, ukulele player and acrobat. 

   Playfulness for productivity

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do" ~ Steve Jobs


  • Research shows that happier people make more productive, engaged employees.
  • Learn to be more curious and explore the things that fire you up. 
  • Harness your excitement and direct it to receiving and generating new ideas.
  • Try something new! Especially the things you think are not possible.
  • Achieve new skills, gain confidence and improve your personal and work environments. 

                                                             Pursuing our passions literally transforms us.

Through my experiences as a performer and teacher I have had the opportunity to help people explore their passions. The workshops I facilitate empower and inspire participants to live their lives more fully. 

  • Has taught hundreds of classes to thousands of people at all athletic levels.
  • Over 20 years of performance experience.
  • Worked with countless people to get past their blocks and take action on their goals.

Team building 

Pick from multiple customized workshops where your participants will learn the importance of play as a tool to discover and pursue their passions while building trust, improving communication and having fun

Partnering Exercises in Trust and Play

  • Learn to play outside of your comfort zone in a safe guided AcroYoga beginner workshop that everybody can participate in.
  • Get introduced to new and exciting skills that will build trust, develop stronger connections, discover hidden strength,  and increased confidence. 
  • Increase your team's productivity and inspire them to work better together through this fun activity. 

Team Games and Activities

  • Attend a session of creative play that feels safe and comfortable ergonomically designed specifically for your team.
  • Through play, curiosity and learning to be open to new possibilities your team will shift perceptions of how to approach problem solving within a group.
  • Explore how working together, asking for what you need, and trying multiple paths to resolving a problem can strengthen relationships with the people on your team

Exploring and prioritizing passions

  • Understand how accessing your passion and committing to it can benefit every aspect of your life. 
  • Through explorative writing, movement and sharing your discoveries within the group you will learn to get curious, prioritize your passions and be accountable to achieving your goals. 
  • By inviting your team to access their passions and valuing them in the workplace, your staff will become more intrinsically motivated and effective.  


Achieving new things that one perceives as impossible, creates sustainable change.

Bring that change to your next event by customizing one of or a combination of our offerings in a format that will bring the most effective results and wow your attendees!  

public speaking 

Performing and teaching has led me to using my voice to lead people towards discovering and prioritizing their own passions . The effect it has on an audience to witness me embarking on my own path of breaking through fears gives them permission to take risks and explore their own curiosities and passions. My hope is that by continuing to push past my own barriers in front of them it will inspire others to do the same on their journeys. 

We have the power to choose a path where we can be our best selves, and be passionate, playful and empowered. 


Experience the fun and challenge of AcroYoga at your next team building function!

Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it
— Buddha