Performance artist, singer, song-writer, ukulele player and acrobat. 


music video production

Nikki Borodi Entertainment provides full scale video production from creative design, capturing, editing and color correction. Different packages are available to suit your budget. You dream, we will help bring your vision to life!

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Lezbionic is a celebration of being queer, being a woman that loves women and of bringing people together. Let this video inspire you to be bold with your voices and bold in what you put into the world.

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Shadows was produced in Berlin, Germany by Nikki Borodi where she debuts her talents as a cinematographer in addition to producing and editing she's done previously. Get lost in this Depeche Mode reminiscent graffiti flavored music video. Kate Becker and Sarah Leone bring this story to life as the day progresses with anticipation as they get ready to meet for a queer love nightclub encounter.

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Badonkadonk is a music video that celebrates being out, being queer and being fully expressed. It is a piece of female empowerment that honors the playfulness and freedom we all have and can choose to be bold with.



Dreams was a collaboration project with Magic Spoon Productions and was shot in Austin, TX. There are some more advanced elements in this video including green screen and time lapse pieces.